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Social liberal, Christian, Midwest transplant

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A native Californian, I now live in NE Kansas and LOVE IT! I lean left in my politics, but I'm open to INTELLIGENT conversations on either side. Because my son is a soldier I am very much interested in how our military is supplied/treated by our government. Although I enjoy politics with Keith Olberman, I am interested in other points of view. I am just NOT interested in listening to anyone who has to shout down the opposition with insults and name calling. It reminds me of fighting with a 2 year old. "Nuh, uh, not me, it's you" "you're wrong" "No, you're wrong." You get my point. When I need information on what is truly happening in the military I go to either my son, my active duty National Guard friend, or any number of soldiers stationed at an army base 10 miles down the road from my office. When I want information on the economy I can tell how things are going by how many people are buying houses in our area. We're a pretty fair microcosm of most of the midwest. I cannot judge the east or west coast, although my sister still lives in California and she is very scared.That's it, that's me. No big secrets.